Combined with Ballet, Dance, Yoga and Basic Pilates, these classes have become widely popular in the fitness industry. Barre classes keep you moving with music and improve your coordination. You do not need to have any dance training as these classes offer modifications and challenges for all levels.

Why Choose Prima Barre?

With so many styles of “barre” available, it can be confusing deciding what works for your body. Prima Barre specifically focuses on finding the right placement for your body to effectively reach optimal control and flexibility.

Prima Barre Instructors

Our Barre instructors hold dance qualifications and have years of teacher training enabling us to assist you during the entire class. As we keep our numbers capped, you can be sure that we are there to modify the class for you! Prima Barre classes are based on Classical Ballet technique- we do not do aggressive, fast paced movements that cause you to ‘bounce’ or ‘lock into’ positions. Instead, we transition you through movement that is safe for your body. Our instructors will always demonstrate and guide you through each position.

What To Expect

Each class is different and you will always be offered various challenges. We use light arm and ankle weights as well as balls, therabands and straps. As we specialise in safe technique and training, you will always be shown how to incorporate your prop for your body.

Our Barre classes are not only heaps of fun, but you are guaranteed to leave sweaty! As our Barre instructors have professional dance experience, our aim is to keep challenging you by using the muscles you would not usually use during an ordinary work out. We have years of industry experience and our focus is to keep toning those intrinsic muscles. You may hate us during the class, but we always stretch and cool down at the end so that you leave feeling amazing!

Grip socks (or ballet shoes) are essential for these classes- don’t worry if you don’t have any, we have some at the studio for just $12.95.


$29.99 for 2 Weeks Unlimited Classes

Absolutely obligation free trial offer for new clients. This offer enables you to attend any of the classes on our timetable for 2 consecutive weeks.

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