Prima Fitness

These classes offer a variety of different skills and challenges. They provide an affordable and social way for clients to take advantage of our instructor’s expertise- all whilst keeping it fun and competitive with the dynamics of working out in a small group.

Prima Barre


Combined with Ballet, Dance, Yoga and Basic Pilates, barre classes have become widely popular in the fitness industry. These classes keep you moving to music and improve your coordination. You do not need to have any dance training to participate in our classes as we offer modifications and challenges for all levels. Prima Barre specifically focuses on finding the right placement for your body to effectively reach optimal control and flexibility.

Grip socks (or ballet shoes) are essential for these classes- don’t worry if you don’t have any, we have some at the studio for just $12.95.



Known for its’ spiritual and meditative flow. These classes improve flexibility, body awareness, strength and relaxation. Yoga is widely practised for health and well- being. Our classes cater for all levels and are a great addition to your other training.

Prima Kick


Ever wanted to learn some boxing and kicking technique without having to ‘spar’? Mixed with cardio, strength training and agility, Prima Kick teaches basic self- defence in a fun and effective way. We aim to provide as much safe technique advice as required and cater for all levels of fitness. These classes conclude with basic pad work and our instructors have extensive knowledge in this field of training.

We train in bare feet, however, if you want to wear socks, we recommend wearing grip socks. Feel free to bring your own pair of gloves if you prefer not to share.



Designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture and enhance the body’s capabilities- our Pilates classes offer a range of challenges in a safe and effective method. They are designed to promote body awareness for optimal function.  Our instructors have a wealth of knowledge and regularly take part in ongoing training to add variety to your class.

Adult Ballet


A Beginner Ballet class catering for those of us that love moving gracefully and artistically. Our Ballet teachers are trained dancers with years of industry experience. We aim to provide a wealth of knowledge whilst keeping it fun.

Ballet shoes not needed, however, feel free to bring them along if you have some. We sell grip socks at the studio for just $12.95.


The perfect accompaniment to any of the classes listed on our timetable, as well as at the end of a gym session. We all know that we run out of time to “cool down” and “stretch out” after working out. These 30min classes go through various stretches in a casual environment. Ask questions, get advice, our instructors will provide you with as much knowledge as they can to help you with your stretches.

Mixed Classes

Bring the boys in a couple of nights a week to train with us!


$29.99 for 2 Weeks Unlimited Classes

Absolutely obligation free trial offer for new clients. This offer enables you to attend any of the classes on our timetable for 2 consecutive weeks.

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